WHS Management

Hot work can present a significant risk to personnel and the surrounding environment, with ongoing safe operations and Work Health & Safety (WHS) conformance being a major concern of the welding industry.

All Weld Solutions offers services to support the development and implementation of WHS management for your cutting and welding activities:

  • Auditing operations to identify current level of compliance with the Welding Code of Practice (CoP), MDG 25 etc.;
  • Development & implementation of WHS management systems;
  • Training of workshop and supervisory personnel;
  • Developing project specific WHS Management plans.

All Weld Solutions has the expertise to ensure your business operates with due regard to the requirements of:

  • The Welding CoP;
  • Relevant State and Federal legislation;
  • Industry regulators; and
  • Relevant National and International standards relating to aspects of welding and cutting safety, e.g. AS 1674.1, AS 1674.2 etc.